I think my new job is violating some health codes but I’ve only worked here for two weeks. Should I report them?

I just got a job at a fairly large grocery store two weeks ago and I really think I should tell someone official about this. I work closing at the bakery department and a lot of the stuff I’ve seen people do/been told to do are really gross. I’ve been here two weeks and have worked two shifts on the floor and two shifts of training. I’d like to know what would happen after my report and who to report to.
Things I’m almost positive are some sort of violation :
The dishwasher smells like extremely rotten breast milk, the smell spreads around the back when it’s on and was so bad I puked in a trash can.

They don’t use the sanitizing solution, we run dishes under hot water and scrub them with a non-slip mat. Baking trays also are washed in the dishwasher.

Sometimes I go into the back and it’s got about a half inch of water in one of the corners.

The flour is stored on an open pallet in the back and bags are often ripped.

No one told me where to wash my hands until 6 hours into my shift today.

I was told to just put on gloves after taking out the trash.

I saw other employees/customers drop things on the floor that are then marked 50% or are put back with the rest of the stock if not visibly damaged.

No one washes their hands except me and one other girl.

Dates are fudged for convenience .

Stuff clearly marked to be stored at a certain temp is left in the open air.

I’ve been told to just mop the floor with water and rinse it in the back dish sink

Stuff I think is a violation
I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that changes gloves half the time you’re supposed to.

We leave the frosting out in the open air at night.

I feel like this is bad but this is my first job so I don’t know if these are normal time saved or something really bad since it definitely isn’t what the training videos said to do. I’d write more but I’m on mobile and my phones lagging. I’ll answer questions but I have to go to bed soon since I work again tomorrow. I’m in Hawaii.


Update to my previous post. I’m applying to other jobs and I no longer care.

I’ve been applying to other places including the company I turned down 3 years ago. I haven’t applied anywhere in those 3 years so now I am applying to places including a complete career change.

I definitely don’t care anymore. Since I work from home, it’s pretty easy to work if I’m just slightly sick. Today is one of those days. I could definitely work today but idgaf. I called in sick because I’m slightly sick.

Fuck them. I will be finding a new place that at least pays me more to work 5×8. (Based on salary ranges I am aware of, I am expecting at least a 30% increase to my salary and 2 extra weeks of vacation. I’m not trying to count my chickens before they hatch. I’ve just got one foot out the door now.


really wish the walk in and get a job still happened

I’ve been walking in and filing out applications like all these boomers tell me to do. While this has increased my chances as its harder to turn down a person than an email its still not a guarantee. The jobs that are offering walk in and work are jobs that we all know suck. No career is offering a walk in and work. Shitty unsafe factories, warehouses with shit shifts or one day contracts are the only places doing walk in hiring events. Where’s the walk in at 18 knowing absolutely nothing starting at the equivalent of 30hr today with day one paid training and benefits. When my dad was my age he moved across country knowing no one and they just took his word he knew what he was doing and was experienced in his field and they just gave him a high paying job. A friend of my parents informed me this week that he’s having a hard time finding anything too said we are so much more technologically advanced but its harder to get a job now then ever. He even told me the old boomer walk in and ask about your app actually disqualified him from a job as they saw this as pushy and too assertive.


Employer has me back to work after injury doing bullshit.

Hello Reddit experts.
I recently got my finger crushed at work, , I have been off on WSIB and my finger is still broken with a pin in it and my employer has me back at work doing stupid shit around the shop like “go organize this” or “go clean that”. I normally work as a lineman and this is really pissing me off, I was wondering if I have any say in this situation and if I could just tell them to get bent and pay me at home like they were the previous 3 weeks as I’m not happy with my modified duty?
Idk any help is appreciated been rough.


[Rant] Don’t be surprised when I call your bluff and quit the when all you do is take advantage of me.

Don’t ever work for a startup unless you are a direct founder.

Had my first interview with another company last week. First sense of relief of finally making the move to leave my current toxic job.

Paid salary, but heavily underpaid considering the value I bring to the company. Expected to work 60 ours a week without question. No overtime pay . No bonuses. No benefits. Many false promises of raises.

So yes, I will call your bluff and accept that job offer that pays $10k more. Full benefits. Actual vacation time. And only have to work 9-5 so I have time to spend with my family.

I’m not afraid of the work. But f$&k you if you think I’ll allow you to take advantage of me any longer. And yes, I know perfectly well me leaving will cripple the company. That’s on you for not hiring more people like I’ve been asking instead of just expecting me to work more for no extra compensation.


Little rant about employers

Have been hired a few months ago to work on an amazing project. I mean a life-long dream, I would have been the project manager, make all decisions, mold the esthetics however I see fit, based on my experience. It would have been an old building, giving it a new meaning.

I did not hesitate to leave my job, even for less money, given that I would grow here and make something that I can be proud of.

Two weeks ago boss comes from a legislative meeting saying that because of a certain part of the project, they cannot find the legal requirements because they do not exist yet in my country and the project has been put on hold. They tell me that now I have to keep the old purpose of it , until the legislative measures pass. With the same low pay, but higher pressure because the old business was dying.

I am now stuck here because even though the pay is low, it is still in my field and I have major anxiety attacks when I think about being unemployed, even for a little while, while the project will be restarted *at a certain moment*. I feel like I have been cheated 🙂 just wanted to rant to make the day seem a little bit shorter. Fuck Working.


What kind of offer would appeal to you to work in house rather than remote?

I’m having trouble finding anyone to take in-house software engineering positions. Since Covid, everyone is pretty comfortable working from home, understandably. The line of works requires certain positions to be in house due to physical equipment that needs to be worked on. Not constantly, but enough where in house is needed.

Here’s the current offer I usually throw out to someone with intermediate experience.

Full benefits


14 days PTO excluding weekends

Creative Incentives, limited royalties on completed projects and bonuses

Compensation is usually 95k – 145k

This still hasn’t worked, so what would appeal to you to work in house and come into the office everyday?


Forced pto for time off?

When I request time off I usually want it unpaid but there’s not an unpaid option in our software so I just request pto, it gets approved, and then in our edit log I wrote unpd time off. Well apparently this isn’t allowed and if don’t have 40 hours we have to use our PTO. It’s to keep people from stocking up on PTO and taking too much time off but that makes sense. If I didn’t use it I would be stocking up still and eventually be able to take 100 hours off but can’t they just deny the pto so why is it a big deal? I like to save mine in case of health emergencies where I actually need it. I can miss one day of my pay period and be fine but if I need a surgery or something I want my pto. Anyway is this illegal or just an annoying policy


Not working for free

I work as a cashier well cashier/bagger now at a grocery store.

I have to go in today on my day off and buy a notebook, take all types of the stickers from the fruit and vegetables and put it in my notebook and label them. The want me to do 80% while i’m at 50 mark. Not my fault that there’s no stickers on the vegetables a lot of time. They don’t want us typing in the number code anymore for produce. And this is all unpaid.

By they i mean upper managers

I’ve come to the answer of f it. I’m not getting paid to do it. If they want their produce so badly, they can create their own books and hand them out.

If I get fired for not scanning produce when there’s no barcode or the barcode wont read because of the plastic bag, oh well, don’t want to work there anyways. And I got documents

Not going on my day off to do it, i have other things to do.



I have been unemployed for almost a year and cannot receive unemployment. I’m 23 years old and I have thousands of premature ventricle contractions a day. This is when the heart early and tries to again to fix the early beat by speeding up the heart rate. I can have 150 bpm resting which is what people reach after a hour of strenuous exercise. This causes dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, back pain, and weakness. The jobs around my area are labor intensive so I have applied to over 1000 work from home jobs and every day they are getting scarce because companies have no desire to supply legitimate work from home jobs where I live even though sitting causes these issues also. Due to my age and my condition not being heart failure or a heart attack I an ineligible for disability in Georgia. I also have mitral valve prolapse which causes the same symptoms again. What can I do for income. PLEASE help!