are these questions even legal let alone relevant?

Applying for an Engineering job in the UK at a Major business in the industry.
These are questions in the online application :
– Were you eligible for free school meals at any point during school?
– have you ever identified as transgender?
– current salary and benefits package?
– what type of school did you attend at the age of 14?
– did either of your parents hold a degree level qualification by the age of 18?

Never needed to apply for jobs like this before, is this normal? Seems to me whether I received free school meals as a child would never change how well I did a job!


fired in middle of shift (before lunch)

My friend got hired at a seasonal job after her mom passed away and she had to take on the maternal role in her family. When she got hired in her interview she explicitly stated how she only wanted to work part time so she could go back home to help her family , and that she did not have a car so to please allow room in the schedule for carpooling. Basically no opening shifts 3-4 days a week. She was then put on every 8 am shift for full time and even worked seven days in a row during the Fourth of July holiday. Being reliant on others for rides, when most employees arrived to work an hour after her, she was only late two times which were out of her control. Of course she got a write up but never was told she was supposed to get a copy of the write or that she had the ability to plead her case on the comment section of the document. She just signed under the agreement that if she was late to work again without communication she would be terminated. Mind you, she had let someone know both times she was late prior. Today she woke up, got ready and sat on her porch for half an hour waiting on a ride. When she realized she would be late again she notified the manager and found a ride soon after. She got to work, clocked in and carried on as usual, but after only two hours another manager came in and told her she was done and to clock out. Now she is an ex employee with no housing or meal plan or car. She got fired before she could even finish her shift of eat lunch. Currently stuck on campus with no way home or food until her family comes up to get her. She literally got fired for working shifts she stated she couldn’t work.


Should I?

So here’s my predicament and I hope this wonderful group can help.

I was laid off by company A during the peak of the pandemic and lucky for me I had searched and interviewed with a few companies prior to worrying about this situation. I signed onboard with company B 1 week after the lay-offs.

Now 2 years after company A has a role that I am currently doing similar tasks but the title is lowered. I went from a senior role to an associate role but it’s also a 20k bump in my salary to change. With Company B I have lost all my senior people that I have worked with along the way and so it’s not the same structure/dynamic. The new heads don’t know what’s up and I had a discussion to speak with my heads to tell them what I do because they don’t know….
Both jobs are remote first but Company B I am basically able to work a few hours completing most of my task and able to spend time with my family and things that I normally wouldn’t be able to if In-Office.

Which one would you do?


Can work and peace of mind coexist?

Can work & peace of mind coexist?

This past weekend I took a bike ride on a scenic trail. It’s the first time I understood why people feel the need to “get away”, go camping, disconnect from their phones. I am by no means a city girl, but I never felt the drive to get away from everyone and disconnect.

That was until I found myself at the top of a scenic overlook with just my boyfriend and found peace in the quiet. There was not one other person on the trail, just us and nature. For the first time ever, I felt good about feeling “alone”.

You see, I am a Store Manager at a fast food chain where I oversee all operations. Recently, I was moved to an opportunity store to make some changes. As expected with that came more work. My phone is going off nonstop and my 9 hours shifts turn into 12. Now, that is part of my job and I can accept what comes with that but when I am not seeing results back up my work, that is where I begin to feel demotivated.

Running a successful store can be extremely gratifying but with that being said, a non successful store can wear you down, quickly.

Life too short to not find your peace. I’m just not sure if I will find it here…


Former micromanager here!

Before you hate me right off the bat, please allow me to maybe explain how I became that way and how I realized I was a micromanager. This post is long, sorry.

I was a supervisor for many years at 2 different banks working in mostly the call center or where we corresponded electronically with customers. Anyone that works or has worked in a call center knows it’s all about meeting the metrics or KPI’s.

Then the manager position opened up and I applied because it seemed like the natural progression and I was basically already doing the job. I got it and was so excited! I thought I was going to make a real difference! Everything was just swimming right along, not perfectly but I enjoyed the challenge and absolutely loved my employees.

Fast forward to the start of the pandemic. We had to close our branches so the volume in the call center and my department went through the roof. Some areas increased over 300% within a week. But we were expected to maintain the same metrics . My team did their best every day, but my stress and anxiety was so bad that I literally would sit in my office and cry. I couldn’t stop. I went to the ER several times thinking I was having a heart attack. Nope! Just an anxiety attack. Twice this happened at work.

I knew I needed a change and one kind of fell into my lap. The only thing was, it wasn’t a management position. I had worked so hard and sacrificed for so long that I really had to step back and assess myself and my life. I knew I couldn’t continue on the way it was and the expectations weren’t going to change. I applied and got it.

When I moved over to my new position I COULD NOT BELIEVE how stress free it is. Almost a year later, I’m still in shock. But I’ve come to realize that I was being managed by a team of extreme micromanagers. **This literally turned me into a micromanager. I didn’t start out that way.** I think it was gradual so I really didn’t realize until I started being managed by the most relaxed management team. We have deadlines we have to meet, but they actually provide us with the tools to meet them and they understand that we are HUMANS.

I know that if I were to talk to my old boss about it, they would never think she is a micromanager. I sure didn’t. But boy was I wrong.

Please know that I am not excusing myself at all. I’ve just come to recognize it and what caused it. I truly think that most managers don’t intend to be that way or start out that way; they are usually a product of their management. It’s obviously a much bigger problem, but I don’t have to worry about that anymore. lol

I have zero plans to ever get into management again. I am too dang old for that stress and have finally achieved a true work-life balance .

Just food for thought.


My Former Employer is Fighting my Unemployment because of THEIR mistake

I checked my claim this morning as I do every morning to find I’ve been “disqualified.” I immediately called the EDD. When I finally got through, I could hear the customer service lady mumbling about the disqualification. I put it together then. About a month prior to getting fired, they made a mistake and overpaid me. Something to do with their remote work system. At the time, no one made a fuss, I kept the money, work continued. So now the EDD computer system/an actual human thinks I’m trying to scam them. For…a grand total of $608. The customer service lady told me that I have to wait 10 days from my interview to appeal . I was fired JUNE 7th which means the government expects people to be able to survive for a MINIMUM of 6 weeks. Which is impossible for most. Only possible for me because I live with my family so I’ll always have food to eat and gas to get to work.

What’s absolutely WILD to me about this whole thing is that in the text message my boss sent me to inform me I was fired . She said she was grateful for the work I had done up to that point and would happily write me a reference if I needed it. So I am worth a reference but nothing tangibly helpful??? Gee…Thanks! I appreciate it!

Seems to me if the government REALLY wanted folks to “contribute to society” they’d make it so they don’t fall flat on their face trying to get there. Because what is the point if the first few months of getting a job and getting paid are just going to go to a variety of late bills? For folks less fortunate than I am, it means being on the streets with literally zero. Why should those people want to work when it’ll take them months even years to crawl their way back to where they once were which probably wasn’t the most financially stable place anyway?


Company making me commute 480 miles a month on my own dime

I have worked for a large, global company for the past 3.5 years but at the end of last year I purchased a house that is four hours away. I told my boss that I hope I could work remote but no hard feelings if it wouldn’t work out, I’d find a new job. Keep in mind half my team, including my boss, is in the UK. I’m in the US and we had been working remote for 2 years due to Covid.

Also, during the first meeting about my move by boss told me that “I’m throwing all my hard work away” by moving.

Fast forward 8 months, I finally got written approval for my request to work remote but they are demanding I work from the office three days a month. I am responsible for driving my own vehicle, paying for my own gas, buying my own food, and finding my own lodging during this monthly trip. I am not sure where they got this number and wish it was a discussion rather than a demand. .

These trips cost about $800 monthly out of my own pocket . I am the only one on my team requested to pay out of pocket for these trips. I have at least two people on my team based in other states that are compensated for their trips. I am the only one who is not and they are rarely asked to come in, maybe once a year. Are they trying to get me to quit? What rights do I have here?

Other things my manager and boss have told me during conversations:
“We looked at your compensation and decided you could afford the trips.”
After expressing worry of not being able to afford these trips my manager says, “I couldn’t afford my first house either so I lived off of beans and rice.”
“The situation you are in is the result of your actions.”



Advice needed. Minor doing a holiday job.

For context, I have a three week holiday employment contract with a food production company in my town . I have health issues/disabilities, among others ADHD, insomnia, chronic leg pain, and an allergy that was triggered by the hand sanitiser that the company is using.

The working conditions are, for me personally, harsh. I’m unable to sit down during my eight hour shift, which starts at six AM, and have to go through a long gowning and hygiene procedure before reaching the clock-in panel. In conclusion, I’m on site for at least forty-five minutes altogether before and after logging in and out of the clock.

The law mandates that teenagers under 18 aren’t allowed to start work before eight AM and can’t work at conveyor belts for some reasons I haven’t got the brain cells to care about, yet here I am doing both. What should I do?


old clock in terminal

my work is an old non for profit company. I don’t really mean them any harm if this is the case but just curious. we have a very old clock in terminal where u have a time card and it stamps it when u insert it into the machine. it has this weird function where it rounds to the nearest 15 minutes, or at least that is how it appears. On multiple occasions it rounds down even if it is closer to 15. EX: clock in at 7:35 clock out at 4:15 hours earned=8:00 . basically its not recording 10 minutes of work for me, but if I do that everyday of the week that’s almost a whole hour of pay I’m missing. My question is should I be getting paid for the time my work is practically ignoring?


Funemployment day 1

Reclaiming my power, health, and sense of self. Don’t know where the journey will take me but it sure as hell won’t be back commuting and sitting in an office 5 days a week.

Notable highlights so far: no Sunday Scaries, no waking up to an alarm, more time with my dog, and actually enjoying my morning coffee.

Feeling excited and nervous but mostly relief choosing to leave a job that was ruining my physical and mental health.

I’m nowhere near being ready to start the job search process anytime soon but shout out to all the other unemployment warriors and everyone looking for a new job to find some happiness.