“Striking is the only option, it seems like”: LA casual dockworkers call for united struggle with full-time workers

More revealing , taken at the LA casuals’ hall, depict a strong militant mood among workers. Once again, they confirm pervasive hatred for the 3-tier system and a willingness to strike.

It takes 10 to 15 years as a casual to be hired in as a full-time worker, said Jamie: “My friend’s husband got in after 10 years of being down here. It’s literally whenever PMA decides to hire and it’s based on who has the highest hours.” Commenting on her own employment, she said, “In the beginning I was working 5-6 days a week. Right now, I’m getting two to possibly one day a week. I’m here every day hoping to get a job.”

The union is keeping absolute silence about the new contract, which includes provisions affecting casuals, although they have no voting rights. Jamie said: “There’s no sense of the contract, they’re very quiet about it. There’s nothing, except rumors. In my previous job we also worked for months without a contract. I don’t find it unreasonable so long as whatever is agreed upon gets backdated.”

Jamie was a union member all her life, until now, since a casual cannot be an ILWU member. “Whatever they decide does affect us and why not make us part of it? I don’t know where that comes from. In my previous job even as a per diem worker we would still have a voting voice and I don’t understand why they don’t do it here; they would have the voice of more workers to pass decisions.”

She described a typical day at the hall. “I got here at 6 a.m., we stayed here the entire day, didn’t get a job and now we’re back, trying to wait for another job. When I started here, I was still working my previous job at first, then was doing so many hours here that I left the other job. Then it slowed down; we’re waiting for the new contract, see if they hire more people. Since I started a few years ago, just 1,800 casuals made it to ID status.”

Asked whether workers have the right to strike despite the union seeking to avert one, Jamie said: “If it’s necessary, I think it should be done. I marched with my dad, have marched as a worker. If they tell me I can’t because I can be punished for it, I have to honor what they agree upon, but personally I find it a weakness. We’re like DWP : if those workers stop working, who’s going to turn the power on? That’s their leverage.”

In case of a strike, she said, “We’re not obligated to strike since we’re not union, but I would not cross the picket line.” Another worker interjected, “I’m down, totally down. Unions are in bed with the politicians and the corporations. It’s a rigged system. My grandpa was around in the ‘40s and he was all about strikes.”

Another worker, whom we will refer to as Mike, also joined the discussion. “Nobody does anything unless they’re forced to. So, striking is the only option, it seems like. Unless we force, they’re not going to do nothing. All the rhetoric and stuff, they’re not going to do anything unless you stand on their neck.”

While casuals, in spite of their economic insecurity, said they were prepared to support a strike and unite with their full-time brethren, the ILWU bureaucracy treats them with contempt. A revealing episode took place Friday afternoon, when several ILWU officials confronted the World Socialist Web Site reporting team. One, who refused to identify himself, launched into a vulgar tirade against the WSWS’s reporting and demanded to know why the team was even bothering to speak with casuals, claiming, “they don’t know anything.” The officials declared that casuals, even though they are not union members, are under a union-enforced gag order, and asserted that they would not allow them to continue to speak with the WSWS.

Before this incident took place, Mike told the WSWS, “They have become weaker. Anything that has money has a problem. It used to be that a dockworker would be the union president. Now they hire a guy.” Speaking of American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten making $540,000 a year, he commented, “And the teachers aren’t making anything! The shortage of teachers is because they don’t pay! They’d have plenty if they paid enough!”

Discussing the tier system, he said abolishing the casual system and guaranteeing rights and benefits for all “would seem like a fair way to do it. When you first start out maybe a little less money, but with benefits, then as you get more experience you improve. But don’t start me out as a day laborer, that seems extreme. We take the slack that other workers don’t want. And no benefits at all? Even some crappy insurance would be okay.”

On safety, he expressed concerns about some of the jobs. “When a lash job comes, the good ones know, they have experience. But casuals? We don’t do it every day. You go up there, it’s a rusty old beat-up ship, it’s really a tough job and it makes it hard because the other guys don’t want it. You don’t have to take it, but a lot of us do because we’ve been waiting three days for a job.”

On training he added: “They talk a lot about training, but I’m not seeing any. You get it on the job. I took the online safety training thing. Down here it’s the real world, the blood is real. Training should be done on the dock, not online. We take care of each other when we see new people come in, we watch out for them; when we get to the dock we get on the same crane as them to help them out, give them a heads up on the radio if they’re doing something they shouldn’t. I don’t want to see anything happen to anybody.”


Age discrimination?

I’m no spring chicken, and I can run with the best of them!
I recently left a position I had been in for 7 years. I was dedicated and always eager to help. I know I probably should not have left but I did not have any advancement potential within that section of the department. Today I messaged one of the hiring officials in the same department to see if they needed someone to fulfill a role I know that is becoming available of within the next month or so. They advised they had a couple positions coming open and that the “younger crowd was interested in them” but to wait for the posting. Is this age discrimination? Or just a way to blow me off?


My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer 3 years into his retirement at 65. He was previously in good health and received a handsome payout from the government’s retirement fund. He could finally afford to take my mom to see the world as she’d always dreamed. Now he stumbles his way to the bathroom to vomit while my mom cleans everything up and makes sure he eats enough to not starve to death before his inevitable death from the cancer in a few months.

He was a loyal government employee as a professor for more than 40 years and this is his reward. I’m not one to get emotional but this gets me tearing up every time I think about it.

As tragic as it is it’s not anyone’s fault but reality. Reality doesn’t know or care about my dad. Random genetic mutation is to blame for his premature death and no one could have done anything whatsoever to prevent it.

What people could have done is not pay him like a slave for his decades long outstanding contributions to society. All the accolades and trophies they awarded him collecting dust on the shelf mean nothing at this point. What would have really made a difference is remuneration that fits his worth to the thousands of lives he’s mentored and inspired.

Instead the market gave him the peanuts it perceives his worth to be, and it breaks my heart. The market was wrong. He used a skill he had to the best of his ability and produced thousands of people making six and more figures today: doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, computer scientists and programmers. For God’s sake he wrote the grade report program the school uses to this day for free!

If the world doesn’t recognise the inspiring figure that was my father, I hope you guys here will raise a glass to a man who left his mark to change the world for the better.


micromanaging remote work

*** idk why people are down voting, you must have the control kink as well

worked at a fortune 500 company, providing server & network admin for a well known fast food company.
I left that due to being overworked/under appreciated and ended up finding a job with a $2 pay decrease, but ANYthing to get out of my situation at the time was great. The interview went great, nailed the job. They provided NICE equipment, better than what I had gotten from my previous company which could not even provide laptops to keep up with my workload. That is another story… But the equipment, the communication, their punctuality.. It made me think I landed a GREAT job. I was so wrong!!

The first day, after not even 2 min of saying hello, we were required to have our cameras on. Keep in mind, this is a 5 week training class, 8 hours a day, fully remote. I have never in my remote work career, had to have my cam on for anything, I thought it was super odd and hoped they would let us turn them off after the first day or even after introductions.
cams were required to stay on, you were NOT allowed to use a background in teams to cover anything behind you, and you had to be centered with your full head in the frame. This shocked me, I obtained a note stating a disability therefore I was able to turn mine off. It was giving me severe anxiety and frequent panic attacks by being watched by 20 people daily!
Then, they started to make people stretch on camera at their desk, and if you said brb to go get water, go to restroom and want some privacy?
your camera has to stay on as you get up from your desk in your OWN HOME, and then stay on as you get back from wherever you went.
Micromanaging at its finest. note to self: avoid hospital IT work, they are psychotic and seem to have a control kink


Employer wants me to return to my old job because everyone is quitting. They offered no compensation. (CA). Could use some advice.

I got a promotion at work 2 years ago. This promotion is a totally new job and lets me work from home. Company calls me on Friday and says they want me to do my old job again . They offered no compensation, and no end date. Just two days before this request I signed a job description and a performance evaluation . I asked them for a raise and because the whole company is in union vote, they wouldn’t even have the conversation with me. Now they want to change my job right before a union vote. Is there a way for me to say no? Can they fire me for that? I need some advice. They tell me it’s temporary, they tell me I can do the additional work from home. I just don’t trust them at all. Help? I’m in CA.


No Response

I am appalled at the lack of response I get from job posters after applying for jobs through LinkedIn. I have 13 years of sales experience, with a successful record of exceeding goals. I also, have a promotion into a managerial role, and excellent references.

I was laid off from my previous position due to lack of inventory and I’ve been applying my ass off for 3 months now. Although I’ve had a few interviews, the application/response ratio is probably less than 10%, which is concerning.

Does LinkedIn ad some layer of screening that I don’t know about? Like maybe my resume doesn’t contain the right wording or something? Also, if the positions posted aren’t really hiring or are already filled, shouldn’t it be considered false advertising or something . Anyone else experiencing this, and feeling as frustrated as me? Those who got around it, how did you do it?


I literally hate this so much

I moved to more affordable housing in early June and had to quit my job because of it. I’m a full-time college student so I’ve mostly been applying to low-level management positions at fast food restaurants.

it is now mid-july and I’m still unemployed. My entire financial aid refund for this summer semester went to bills.

I’ve been ghosted by so many places I’ve lost count; one place said I had the job once my background check came through but never put me on the schedule despite my follow-ups . I found that position available again on indeed not long ago.

Today I had a job interview. I got there 20 minutes early and let a manager know I was ready when she was. Over an hour later, she still hasn’t come to interview me. Then I hear her leaving a message to another manager on the phone asking them to come in and interview me instead. I get being understaffed and I’m desperate so I gave it a bit more time.

After an hour and a half, I was done. I’m not wasting my day away waiting for an interview for a job that won’t pay a living wage anyway.

I’m so done with this bs system.


My roommate’s boss asked her to come in the day after her surgery so he could have time off

My roommate works in a town about 2 hours away during the summer, so she hasn’t been living with me. Our lease ends this week, so she took time off for her wisdom tooth surgery, and a couple days after to come up and move her stuff to a storage unit, for a total of 6 days. She was recently moved up to a shift supervisor at her job, but this time off was requested after her surgery date was scheduled . Her boss told her that someone couldn’t come in on the day after her surgery and it would be “thoughtful” if she could come in and work the shift. She told him maybe and she would see how she’s feeling. Currently, she is in town on lots of pain medications and only 4 days removed from the surgery. Her recovery has been rough to say the least. She has been exerting herself a lot with moving especially considering she’s in pain. Her boss texted her and asked if she could get her moving done in one day because he “never gets time off.” He also asked if a family member or her bf could do the moving for her so she could work. I told her to join this subreddit and go get a new job 😀

TLDR: My roommate got her wisdom teeth out and her boss tried to guilt trip her into coming in the day after so he could have time off.


Been putting off asking my boss about a raise now it’s too late

Same old story , someone from our office left last September and I took on all his work. I spoke to my boss last year and he said would sort in April in new financial year. Things happened and needed to take but of time off to look after my Ill father and other bits so every time I was going to ask for a raise something came up.

Last few weeks nothing has come up and I find out that the company is planning to lay off some staff due to a loss of a contract.

I work 5 days a week, I am salaried so don’t get a penny more for working extra which I always do. I am on call 24/7 now , I deserve a raise but now I’m fearful for my job I dare not ask

Sorry it’s not the justice boner that everyone likes on here but just wanted to give a cautionary tale.

Definitely on the look out for another job.


My wife’s(home health nurse) boss cleared her schedule and want to have a meeting.

TLDR: My wife is a home health nurse, got into a disagreement about scheduling on clients she has seen daily for this company for 7 years. The boss has cleared her schedule and wants to do a meeting. We are not sure our rights as she is losing money and possibly pto by not working and does not want to meet with her boss.

The story: Last week the wife and her boss got into a disagreement after working for 7 years at this home health company. Wife has not received any raise really in seven years because visits are paid out in x value for time. So company pays x to all nurses. Her christmas presents has been pen, charges, pads of paper, and the had a lunch at the office in phx where it is to far for her to make it during her work day. Same situation for nurses appreciation week. Office workers got a lunch and she got nothing. So after the disagreement my wife told her boss to put her normal clients back on or she wasn’t coming back.

The boss cleared her schedule and she hasn’t made any money in the last 7 days. She hasn’t quit and her boss hasn’t fired her. I have tried to call any state body for labor and all you can do it email. I don’t think she wants to go back to the company after being literally worked day and night, during visits then sitting home charting all night. She has 92 hours of pto she hasn’t used she is worried she won’t get and can she file for unemployment?

Thanks for reading, I hope your day is going well.