I think my new job is violating some health codes but I’ve only worked here for two weeks. Should I report them?

I just got a job at a fairly large grocery store two weeks ago and I really think I should tell someone official about this. I work closing at the bakery department and a lot of the stuff I’ve seen people do/been told to do are really gross. I’ve been here two weeks and have worked two shifts on the floor and two shifts of training. I’d like to know what would happen after my report and who to report to.
Things I’m almost positive are some sort of violation :
The dishwasher smells like extremely rotten breast milk, the smell spreads around the back when it’s on and was so bad I puked in a trash can.

They don’t use the sanitizing solution, we run dishes under hot water and scrub them with a non-slip mat. Baking trays also are washed in the dishwasher.

Sometimes I go into the back and it’s got about a half inch of water in one of the corners.

The flour is stored on an open pallet in the back and bags are often ripped.

No one told me where to wash my hands until 6 hours into my shift today.

I was told to just put on gloves after taking out the trash.

I saw other employees/customers drop things on the floor that are then marked 50% or are put back with the rest of the stock if not visibly damaged.

No one washes their hands except me and one other girl.

Dates are fudged for convenience .

Stuff clearly marked to be stored at a certain temp is left in the open air.

I’ve been told to just mop the floor with water and rinse it in the back dish sink

Stuff I think is a violation
I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that changes gloves half the time you’re supposed to.

We leave the frosting out in the open air at night.

I feel like this is bad but this is my first job so I don’t know if these are normal time saved or something really bad since it definitely isn’t what the training videos said to do. I’d write more but I’m on mobile and my phones lagging. I’ll answer questions but I have to go to bed soon since I work again tomorrow. I’m in Hawaii.