Little rant about employers

Have been hired a few months ago to work on an amazing project. I mean a life-long dream, I would have been the project manager, make all decisions, mold the esthetics however I see fit, based on my experience. It would have been an old building, giving it a new meaning.

I did not hesitate to leave my job, even for less money, given that I would grow here and make something that I can be proud of.

Two weeks ago boss comes from a legislative meeting saying that because of a certain part of the project, they cannot find the legal requirements because they do not exist yet in my country and the project has been put on hold. They tell me that now I have to keep the old purpose of it , until the legislative measures pass. With the same low pay, but higher pressure because the old business was dying.

I am now stuck here because even though the pay is low, it is still in my field and I have major anxiety attacks when I think about being unemployed, even for a little while, while the project will be restarted *at a certain moment*. I feel like I have been cheated 🙂 just wanted to rant to make the day seem a little bit shorter. Fuck Working.