micromanaging remote work

*** idk why people are down voting, you must have the control kink as well

worked at a fortune 500 company, providing server & network admin for a well known fast food company.
I left that due to being overworked/under appreciated and ended up finding a job with a $2 pay decrease, but ANYthing to get out of my situation at the time was great. The interview went great, nailed the job. They provided NICE equipment, better than what I had gotten from my previous company which could not even provide laptops to keep up with my workload. That is another story… But the equipment, the communication, their punctuality.. It made me think I landed a GREAT job. I was so wrong!!

The first day, after not even 2 min of saying hello, we were required to have our cameras on. Keep in mind, this is a 5 week training class, 8 hours a day, fully remote. I have never in my remote work career, had to have my cam on for anything, I thought it was super odd and hoped they would let us turn them off after the first day or even after introductions.
cams were required to stay on, you were NOT allowed to use a background in teams to cover anything behind you, and you had to be centered with your full head in the frame. This shocked me, I obtained a note stating a disability therefore I was able to turn mine off. It was giving me severe anxiety and frequent panic attacks by being watched by 20 people daily!
Then, they started to make people stretch on camera at their desk, and if you said brb to go get water, go to restroom and want some privacy?
your camera has to stay on as you get up from your desk in your OWN HOME, and then stay on as you get back from wherever you went.
Micromanaging at its finest. note to self: avoid hospital IT work, they are psychotic and seem to have a control kink