My wife’s(home health nurse) boss cleared her schedule and want to have a meeting.

TLDR: My wife is a home health nurse, got into a disagreement about scheduling on clients she has seen daily for this company for 7 years. The boss has cleared her schedule and wants to do a meeting. We are not sure our rights as she is losing money and possibly pto by not working and does not want to meet with her boss.

The story: Last week the wife and her boss got into a disagreement after working for 7 years at this home health company. Wife has not received any raise really in seven years because visits are paid out in x value for time. So company pays x to all nurses. Her christmas presents has been pen, charges, pads of paper, and the had a lunch at the office in phx where it is to far for her to make it during her work day. Same situation for nurses appreciation week. Office workers got a lunch and she got nothing. So after the disagreement my wife told her boss to put her normal clients back on or she wasn’t coming back.

The boss cleared her schedule and she hasn’t made any money in the last 7 days. She hasn’t quit and her boss hasn’t fired her. I have tried to call any state body for labor and all you can do it email. I don’t think she wants to go back to the company after being literally worked day and night, during visits then sitting home charting all night. She has 92 hours of pto she hasn’t used she is worried she won’t get and can she file for unemployment?

Thanks for reading, I hope your day is going well.