Not working for free

I work as a cashier well cashier/bagger now at a grocery store.

I have to go in today on my day off and buy a notebook, take all types of the stickers from the fruit and vegetables and put it in my notebook and label them. The want me to do 80% while i’m at 50 mark. Not my fault that there’s no stickers on the vegetables a lot of time. They don’t want us typing in the number code anymore for produce. And this is all unpaid.

By they i mean upper managers

I’ve come to the answer of f it. I’m not getting paid to do it. If they want their produce so badly, they can create their own books and hand them out.

If I get fired for not scanning produce when there’s no barcode or the barcode wont read because of the plastic bag, oh well, don’t want to work there anyways. And I got documents

Not going on my day off to do it, i have other things to do.