Best user friendly software for creating flyers and other marketing materials

My husband and I are starting a mobile mechanic business. I have done things such as accounting, office management, etc in other people’s businesses for years and he has been a mechanic for 20+ years so we have a lot of experience in many areas of small business management but I lack any sort of marketing experience. I think I won’t have difficulty with marketing ideas as I have plenty, it’s the technical aspect of it. I had a graphic designer create a logo and I have someone working on website development but I need to create some flyers. I assumed it would be fairly easy but as I try it I’m starting to understand why graphic designers charge so much money.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best apps or sites to use for creating flyers and other marketing materials? Should I just go with canva, is Adobe worth the money, or is there a better one out there?


How do I go about selling my restaurant franchise?

I am considering selling my pizza franchise. It is moderately successful. I have owned it for four years and my annual take home was 60k last year and looking to be similar this year.

I’m pretty well at a loss for where to even start. I know there are websites I can advertise on, but I don’t know how to determine which ones might be better. Anyone have any experience there they could share?

I also know there are business brokers who will help with the sale, but that they will take a percentage cut. I’d rather not go that route, unless someone could explain why it’s better.

My franchisor has an internal sale list, but there are pros and cons to utilizing that. Also, I bought the franchise from that list and the franchise had been on that list for almost two years. Other than that my corporate contact has said they don’t help with sales of existing stores.

Anyone have any experience they can share?


Fabric tagging gun

Does anyone have any recommendations for a more industrial clothing tag gun We have tried brand name ones, cheap ones from China and several manufacturers from different retail stores and they all develop the same problem of constantly getting jammed.

We will tag 6000 tags over the course of 3 weeks and we go through about 6 guns . Just looking to see if there is a better option or piece of equipment.

We are tagging index cards to polyester bags.

EDIT: We are tagging polyester bags, not nylon.