[Rant] Don’t be surprised when I call your bluff and quit the when all you do is take advantage of me.

Don’t ever work for a startup unless you are a direct founder.

Had my first interview with another company last week. First sense of relief of finally making the move to leave my current toxic job.

Paid salary, but heavily underpaid considering the value I bring to the company. Expected to work 60 ours a week without question. No overtime pay . No bonuses. No benefits. Many false promises of raises.

So yes, I will call your bluff and accept that job offer that pays $10k more. Full benefits. Actual vacation time. And only have to work 9-5 so I have time to spend with my family.

I’m not afraid of the work. But f$&k you if you think I’ll allow you to take advantage of me any longer. And yes, I know perfectly well me leaving will cripple the company. That’s on you for not hiring more people like I’ve been asking instead of just expecting me to work more for no extra compensation.