really wish the walk in and get a job still happened

I’ve been walking in and filing out applications like all these boomers tell me to do. While this has increased my chances as its harder to turn down a person than an email its still not a guarantee. The jobs that are offering walk in and work are jobs that we all know suck. No career is offering a walk in and work. Shitty unsafe factories, warehouses with shit shifts or one day contracts are the only places doing walk in hiring events. Where’s the walk in at 18 knowing absolutely nothing starting at the equivalent of 30hr today with day one paid training and benefits. When my dad was my age he moved across country knowing no one and they just took his word he knew what he was doing and was experienced in his field and they just gave him a high paying job. A friend of my parents informed me this week that he’s having a hard time finding anything too said we are so much more technologically advanced but its harder to get a job now then ever. He even told me the old boomer walk in and ask about your app actually disqualified him from a job as they saw this as pushy and too assertive.